Shining Glen Studios was started by a husband and wife team who after 13 years of marriage have still never had an argument. They love to study history and do projects together. That love and teamwork helps to create every piece Shining Glen Studios makes. Every piece is touched by both of them in one way or another.

It only seems fitting that they should market their pieces at wedding shows to newlyweds and betrothed couples.  It is their hope that some of their love will come through each project in its new home.
Wedding Centered Products
Signs & Plaques

Custom name plaques or signs of sayings, quotes, or images painted, burned, or carved.
Picture Frames &
Shadow Boxes

Custom frames can add character to and elaborate the story told by your photo or shadow boxed item with carved, painted, or burned imagery or etched glass.

Car Clings & Decals

Looking for "Just Married" car clings or fun family decals? We can personalize your decal or message with names, dates, or anything else you'd like to share.


Custom carved arches to be married and photographed under and then transferred to your backyard or garden to serve as a daily reminder of that wonderful day.
Hope Chests

Hope chests are great places to save meaningful objects that you'd like to pass down to your children. They also work well as storage for extra bedding that can be too bulky for the linen closet.