Small and Unique Boxes
We make all of our chests and boxes strong enough for an average person to sit on. Many of the small boxes are just an awkward size to sit on, but they're all strong enough.

Any box can have locks, hinged or removable lids, lined interiors, or interior art.

We can make them any dimension you're looking for and out of any wood. All of the boxes pictured on this page are made out of pine because it's an inexpensive and strong wood.

Take a look at some of what we've made and see if any of them inspire you.
We make lots of small boxes. Each box is unique. Most boxes are based on actual artifacts. We enjoy the challenge of recreating pieces of history.
All hand done wood and metal work including lock and key.
Recreation of an actual artifact.
Closed view of locking case
Carved, painted, and stained pine box with handles
Carved, gold painted, and stained pine box
Lined locking case with shaped inserts.
Painted and carved with rhinestone eye insets
Pine box covered with metal and painted velvet.
Kids treasure box with custom hinges.
Parchmented and jessoed box with enameled and plain metal accents and custom hardware.
Carved and painted Anglo-saxon style box with peaked lid and custom hardware