Hope Chests
Hope chests, also called wedding chests or blanket chests, have been used since before ancient Egypt.

Wedding chests in medieval Europe were often made in matched pairs (one for the bride and one for the groom) and contained the bridal dowry.

Hope chests were given to young girls when they were old enough to start thinking about their eventual marriage. Girls and their mothers and grandmothers made blankets, linens, and possibly some baby things and some fancier undergarments so she would have what she needed to start her own household. Often the chest would be passed down through the oldest daughters.

Blanket chests were used to carry family belongings to the new world or across the frontier. They doubled as chairs or benches for the family to sit on when they didn't have chairs or much furniture.
Our hope chests can be lined with cedar and are made to be passed down through your generations. Like all of our other chests, our hope chests are made strong enough to be used as seats.