Heritage Boxes
Each heritage box has 2 locks and 2 keys. No one person can retrieve what is inside without the consent of the other.
Your heritage box can include artwork (carved, burned, or painted) significant to you, your child, or the item within the box.

Heritage boxes can have 1 or more clear sides so the item within can be seen clearly or they can be made of solid wood with a peep hole so children can see something is inside although they may not be able to identify the object.
Do you have a special item you'd like to pass along to your child someday, but he/she isn't quite ready for it yet?

The heritage bank enables your child to see the item that will someday be his/hers. You can share your item with you child in stages, empowering them and giving them something to look forward to.

On the first occasion, you show them the item in the box and let them know that someday it will be theirs.

On the second occasion, you present them with a key that will open the heritage box. The presentation of the key can be a big deal, letting them know the day is coming near when they will be able to hold the item.

You can choose to let them have supervised interaction with the item by letting them sit at a table with the item and both unlock the heritage box with your keys, and then make a big deal on the occasion when they finally gain possession of the item.

Or you can wait and not let them open the box at all until a final occasion when you make the grand presentation and let them use their key to finally take full possession of the item.
Heritage boxes come in standard sizes and designs but can be customized if desired.