Craft Tools
We do a great number of crafts of all different types.

Some crafting needs can be difficult to find, others are not so hard to find but are often not quite exactly what you need.

We can make many tools and can make adjustments to help them better assist you with your projects. If you need assistance with a tool you don't see listed, contact us and we might still be able to help you.
Lace Bobbins

Lace bobbins are made out of maple so they can be sanded completely smooth.
Sprang Looms

Sprang looms come in multiple sizes-floor models and portable models.
Sprang Push Bars

We have nice sprang bars that are well sanded with holes in them to facilitate storage. Wide flat bars make it easier to separate sheds when necessary.
Belt Shuttles

Shuttles are sanded smooth so they don't snag.

Lucets can be made in varying sizes. If you have a different design you'd like, we're happy to help.