We are artisans who can put your story into art.

Stifled in an office, discouraged by our plastic, disposable society, our creativity, inspired by craftsmen of the past, drove us to create works of functional art for you and your future generations to enjoy.

We focus mainly on custom woodwork; however, there is almost no limit to our creative and artistic abilities, and we love a challenge.

Let us help you make memories that last and tell your story.
About Us
custom chessboard
Thank you for taking an interest in our work. We've been creating artwork for ourselves and friends for many years, but now we have the opportunity to share it with you.

We're delighted to share with you that some of our pieces have been displayed in galleries and museums. Who wouldn't want functional, museum quality work at home?

Occasionally we have the opportunity to share our skill sets with others in private and community education classes. If you'd prefer to create your own masterpiece, we'd be happy to help you develop those skills.

We work primarily in woods, metals, ceramics, stones, textiles, and occasionally horn or bone.

crown presentation
We very much enjoy history. Gunthar has been participating in medieval reenactment through the SCA for almost 30 years. We enjoy learning about history and culture around the world though and don't limit ourselves to strictly medieval Europe.

It was partially that love of history that brought us together. Studying museum pieces and learning about them and how they were created is part of what makes Shining Glen Studios so much fun and keeps us happy together.

We've created many pieces for the peerage (Barons, Baronesses, Kings, and Queens) of the SCA's Kingdom of Trimaris as well as the general population. You can check out some of those pieces on our SCA page.
medieval toolbox